Snippet content styling

Snippet content styling is set by the theme

All snippet content is rendered exactly as it is provided. Descriptions Studio does not change the content in any way, and it does not automatically apply or remove colors, font families, font sizes, borders, margins, padding, table widths, bullet points, or any other styling.

All snippet content styling is set by the theme, unless it’s overridden by formatting applied with the rich text editor.

Copying and pasting content can apply unwanted styling

Content copied from a webpage, document, PDF, or other source will try to retain its source styling, including font sizes, font families, colors, and spacing, when it's pasted into the rich text editor.

If snippet content doesn't display as expected, clear the content formatting and then apply only the formatting that you want.

To clear content formatting:

  1. From the Descriptions Studio app, go to Snippets.

  2. Click the name of the snippet that you want to change.

  3. On the snippet details page, in the Content area, highlight the content that has the unwanted styling.

  4. Click the Clear formatting button .

  5. Click Save.

If the content doesn't show as expected after clearing the formatting, then the theme is either applying styling that it shouldn't, or not applying styling that it should.

For help with theme styling issues, please contact your theme developer.

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