Tabs are a set of content sections, known as tab panels, that each have an associated tab title. When a tab title is activated (by being clicked or tapped), its tab panel is displayed.

In the horizontal layout, tab titles are arranged along the top of the displayed panel.

In the vertical layout, tab titles are arranged in a vertical stack (aka an accordion). Displayed panels show adjacent to their tab title.

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Terms used to describe tabs include:

  • Tabs — A set of tab panels and their associated tab titles.
  • Tab — A tab panel and its associated tab title.
  • Tab Panel — The element that contains the content associated with a tab.
  • Tab Title — An element that serves as a label for one of the tab panels and can be activated to display that panel.
  • Product Description — The content that you enter in the Description area on the product details page in your Shopify admin.
  • Source Content — The content on the product page in your online store that's used to create tabs.
Tabs —  Horizontal Layout
Tab Title
Tab Title
Tab Panel
Tabs —  Vertical Layout
Tab Title
Tab Panel
Tab Title
Tab Panel
Two sets of tabs; one set in the horizontal layout, and one set in the vertical layout. In the horizontal layout, a single tab panel is displayed at a time. In the vertical layout, multiple tab panels can be displayed at a time.

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