What do I do if the app does not load?

All of our apps are built with the Shopify App Bridge, and they render in the Shopify embedded app home surface.

If you can see the main menu of the app but nothing else, then Shopify did not load the app into the embedded app home.

There are many things that can prevent Shopify from loading the app, including temporary connection problems, or issues with your browser cache or cookies.

If the app does not load:

  • Check the Shopify status page for outages
  • Log out of your store and then log back in
  • Log into your store in an 'Incognito' or 'Private' window
  • Log into your store using a different browser or a different computer
  • Turn off any ad-blocking or cookie-blocking browser extensions
  • Clear your browser cache

If none of the above suggestions help, please contact Shopify for assistance.

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