Two tab sets show at the same time

If two tab sets unexpectedly show at the same time (for example, one tab set shows below the 'Add to Cart' button and a second tab set shows further down the page), it is likely because tabs are being shown by both the app embed and the app block.

When you activate the Tabs Studio app embed in a theme, the tab set shows where the theme places the product description, or in the fallback location if the product description can't be found. The fallback location is usually right below the 'Add to Cart' button.

You may not see tabs in the fallback location right away

When tabs show in the fallback location they won't have any product description content to work with, so you may not see any tabs until you create a ProTab.

When you add the Tabs Studio app block, the tab set shows where the block is placed on the page using the theme editor.

The app block will not automatically turn off other tab sets, so if you add the app block and you want it to be the only tab set on the page, you should turn off the automatic location for tabs.

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